Allergic Living’s Teal Halloween Food-Free Treats and Decor Guide for 2023

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Published: October 3, 2023

Show kids with food allergies the meaning of Halloween inclusion by placing a teal pumpkin at your doorstep or in a window. By doing this, you’ll be taking part in the Teal Pumpkin Project.

Teal is the official color of food allergy – and blue-green pumpkins, teal Halloween decorations and signage serve as visual cues. They’re like a beacon to food-allergic kids to show that you’re handing out food-free toys and trinkets.

In our Guide, Allergic Living first helps you with suggestions for teal decor. But then, what to give out? 

Prep for a perfect Halloween with Allergic Living’s top picks for food-free loot. From haunting tattoos and squishy skeletons, to covetable collectors’ cards. These frightfully fun handouts will ensure trick-or-treaters with allergies won’t miss a thing.  

The nonprofit FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) launched the Teal Pumpkin Project back in 2014. Like a giant pumpkin in a patch, it has grown bigger and bigger, with families around the globe now celebrating Halloween with creative food-free loot.

Teal Halloween Prep

Get ready for the big day with these terrific teal finds. From signs to a glowing teal pumpkin, these are sure to catch kids’ attention. 

Teal Yard Signs

Make the most of your outdoor space with Teal Pumpkin Yard Sign and Outdoor Lawn Decorations from Big Dot of Happiness. Each bundle includes eight sturdy, weather-resistant signs in four designs. Cute and colorful, you’ll be thrilled to add these finds to your Halloween decor. 

Shop online at and (U.S. only) 

Teal Treats Bucket

Before they head out for a night of adventure, surprise kids with a new Teal Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bucket. Sporting a saucy Jack-O-Lantern grin, and the color of the moment, this sturdy carry-all will make light work of squirreling every treasure home. 

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Giant Jack-O-Lantern

Whether you set it inside or out, this Giant Inflatable Halloween Teal Pumpkin is sure to steal the show. Measuring 35 inches across, this behemoth supports the Teal Pumpkin Project and makes it abundantly clear your house is safe for trick-or-treaters with allergies.   

Shop online at and In Canada, at

Teal Night Light

Set the scene for a teal Halloween with this battery-operated, 9-inch Light-Up Teal Pumpkin. Cute during the day, and eye-catching at night, this pumpkin can be placed indoors or in sheltered outdoor areas. Once night falls, let it work its otherworldly magic.  

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Teal Treating Loot List

Surprise treasure hunters with creative food-free treats. Ideal alternatives to candy, this cool Halloween loot is sure to be a hit.

Freaky Favors

Satisfyingly squishy, stretchy, and twisty, with a suction cup base, these Super Squishy Halloween Toys can keep kids entertained for hours. With 24 figures, in four designs, don’t be surprised if you spy kids circling back to collect a second one. 

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Ghostly Lights

From the web, skull, bat, and Jack-O-Lantern decoration to the ghostly glare they cast, these Glow Pendants have great appeal as Halloween baubles. Each package includes eight charms that kids will scramble to get their hands on. 

Retailer CVS (exclusive to CVS, U.S. only)

Terrific Tattoos

Turn any witch’s head with pretty Raven Witch Tattoos from Great Pretenders. From spooked black cats to pastel ghosts, each one-sheet package includes several delightful designs. Add them to loot bags, or cut up each sheet and hand tattoos out individually.  

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Slap Bracelets

More fun than frightening, these Goofy Ghouls Slap Bracelets are a handout to delight kids of all ages. Each pack includes 12 bracelets, in four seasonal designs.  

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The Sweetest Stickers

Looking for a whimsical response to an excess of guts and gore? Grape-scented and adorable, these stickers are just what your Halloween needs. Depicting the day’s most iconic characters in vivid color, the stickers are just the thing to dress up notebooks, pencil cases, and more.

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Spider Rings

Black and orange arachnids make an eery add-on to any Halloween look. With 30 spiders per bag, you can greet gate-crashers with a special spook – all evening long. 

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Retailer Spirit Halloween (U.S. & Canada)

Catch ‘Em All for Teal Halloween!

This Halloween, wow Pokéfans with a mini booster pack of cards featuring favorite characters from the franchise. Each of the 40 packs inside the bag includes three cards kids can hold onto, or trade with other creatures of the night.  

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Skeletal Spooks

Cuter than your average pile of bones, these Sticky Skeletons add a dash of fun to Halloween handouts. In neon pink, orange, green and black, these rubbery guys will entertain kids long after trick-or-treating is over. 

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