Allergy Mom Video: Our First Cruise with Food Allergies was a Hit

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Published: November 27, 2023

Megan Lavin recently took her family on a six-night cruise off the coast of Mexico. They enjoyed snorkeling, fishing, cruise activities and fun in the sun. But for this family with multiple food allergies, the cruise also meant – 27 meals to navigate. 

So how did they manage that? Megan started with loads of research. She compared cruise lines for food options and allergy awareness. As well, she joined a Facebook group offering tips to those interested in a cruise with food allergies. Ultimately, she picked a cruise with Carnival Cruise Line*.

As she describes in the video, there were a few disappointments related to her older son’s allergies to dairy and gluten. But mostly, he ate like a king. And both her sons with food allergies cruised reaction-free. 

“We had a blast,” sums up Megan in this episode of the Megan’s Minute video series.

So why did Megan opt for a cruise? She wanted her children to experience travel beyond the United States. However, she was concerned about finding safe restaurants and the language barrier. With a cruise, she notes: “We could eat safely on the ship, then pop in and out of the ports without having to eat there.” 

Of course, as a veteran allergy mom, Megan also packed along allergy-friendly granola bars and other snacks, just in case of hunger pangs. 

Cruise’s Food Allergy Benefits

When it came to the cruise and eating with food allergies, a special advantage on this cruise was that families get the same dining room server all week-long. So the Lavins’ waiter became familiar with their special diet requirements. 

Megan’s older son is a seafood fan. One night “he loved the salmon so much – he asked for them to make for him again,” she says. “That would have been very expensive at a restaurant,” notes the blogger known for the website. But since the cruise is all-inclusive, there was zero extra charge.

Cruise Tips Megan Covers: 

• Picking a cruise line for food allergy-friendliness.
• Eating on ship only, packing for excursions.
• Meeting the challenge of dairy and #gluten avoidance.
• Lunch: how to manage buffet-only eating. 
• Managing dinners and breakfasts well.
• Safety prep, including insurance.

In the end, the trip was a resounding success. “There’s something magical being away from home, unplugged and being altogether, all day every day,” says Megan. “Some special family memories happen.”

*This article and video are not sponsored. We mention the cruise line for information only.

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